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On January 21, 2003, I took an online career test… a long online career test. It was free; in the end you get a report summarizing your strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations for the types of jobs that would be a good fit. After answering all the questions, I got my report. It had incomplete blanks. There was the catch: to get the report in whole (without blank lines), you had to pay hard-earned money to download a complete report. It was $20 to get the full report; $30 to include the top 10 career choices; right on up to $130 that includes other perks and bonuses.

I didn’t have $20 at the time, and I don’t have $20 now! So every two years, I revisit this report, just to remember what it says, and I always feel like I’m looking in the mirror.


Here are a few gems–often surprising–from this “summary narrative.”

Preferences for Luis fully support being perceptually, subconsciously, and consciously aware of fantasy, symbols,

Interesting. In my graduate work, a lot of my writing had an emphasis on symbols in communication.

Luis has a curiosity and awareness about the nature and utility of things. Analysis and experimentation are part of voca

I see a connection with this comment and my love of usability testing at a previous job.

Luis has little need for or is not motivated by recognition, status, or competitive gain. Comfortable and satisfied with

I don’t believe that I have never been a competitive person. It’s not my “thing.” I’d really rather just get it done, whatever the task at hand.

Intellectual and/or analytical work, most likely represent somewhat important types of mental activities.


Luis is empathetically and sympathetically aware of the hurts, needs, problems, and wishes of others and is motivated to

I agree. I tend to avoid conflict whenever possible and try to bring harmony to a bad situation. This has made me a caring person who is good at providing service. However, I have been accused of caring too much sometimes.

Luis is highly motivated to consider creative writing and communicating at professional levels.



At the end of the report, there is a list of TOP 20 CAREER AREAS. The first 10 are blank because you have to pay to see those. But the last 10 are listed as follows:

11: Translating/Editing: language, format, composition
12: Kindergarten, Elementary Education: teach, nurture
13: Musical, Vocal: singing, choral, solo; public
14: Information Processing: gather, verify, send, file
15: Modeling: artistic display; fashions, apparel
16: Musical, Instrumental: professional potential
17: Title and Contracts: find, examine, confirm
18: Legal and Related: practice of law; judges, lawyers
19: Decorating and Art Work: design, arrange, consult
20: Creative Entertainment: imagination; spontaneous

Almost all of these are paths that I’ve explored or wondered about exploring as a career, except modeling & title and contracts.

So, how much is that complete report again?

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