About Luis


My name is Luis.

Luis Garcia, Jr. | Photo by Bea Simmons Photography

Photo by Bea Simmons Photography

I have many dreams in life, but all these goals, wishes, and challenges do not allow me to chose one career path. Although I’m not completely convinced that all I want is one career, it is ever a frustrating existence trying to be happy in whatever it is I do for a living.

Master de Nada came about because I consider myself one of those “Jack of all trades, and a master of none.” I did not like how “master of none” sounded, so I added some Spanish, because I tend to code-switch between the English and Spanish languages. Plus, “Maestro de None” did not have a nice ring for me.

My goals with these musings are threefold:

  1. to document my dream chasing,
  2. to explore areas of deep interest that satisfy my urge to create, and
  3. to discover any connections between or among my favorite activities.

All of this together might then help me to more completely understand myself as a human being and, further, to help me find/create a logical (lucrative?) career.

Join me on this exploration of my bucket list of dreams. And please leave comments on what you think about my writings.


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