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…or, How I’m Learning to Avoid Negativity in Life

It’s funny how the previous post written in October 2011 is called “My Life is (Not) a Musical,” and since then I’ve been in two local productions of musical theatre: A Christmas Carol and Legally Blonde! I’ve met some wonderful people through those experiences, and made some great connections. But I’m still working on developing my acting chops, so I’m off to more auditions, and actively looking for an acting coach/class and voice instructor.

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My Life is (Not) a Musical

…yet! Why can’t my life be a musical, right now? Of course, if it could be, I might be the only one who’s out of tune.

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Going with the Flow

My choreography notes/sketches for Tres Huastecas (Hidalgo dance)Before joining the dance company that I’m in now, I had only danced with a university group and an outdoor musical production. So I always saw myself only as a performer. I didn’t teach. I didn’t determine the choreography. You just tell me where you want me to go, and I will do it magnificently. But now I’m having the opportunity to create my own choreography and to teach my fellow dancers how I want to perform a certain piece of music. It’s daunting but fun. And I’m finding it to be a lesson in the way I live my life.

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Image of Guadalupe Dance Company at the Majestic Theater

I believe in encouragement.

Many, many years ago, I remember confessing to a close friend that I wanted to be a dancer. This friend of mine laughed. “Ha! A dancer? You’re fat, you have no rhythm, and you are dreaming. Choose something else, or you’ll fail miserably.”

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The Past and Future Dance

Guadalupe Dance Company & San Antonio Symphony perform Fiest Pops at the Guadalupe Theater

I’ve been dancing Mexican Folklórico since the age of 20. Yes, I started late. Most people I speak to mention starting when they are eight or nine… and some even younger! Mine was a rocky love affair when I started dancing the traditional style of dance from Mexico.

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