I Never Had a Best Friend


That’s right. I never had a best friend. Don’t take this as a plea for help, or attention, or solicitation. I do not need anyone’s pity, nor am I taking applications for a best friend. I am just stating a fact: I simply never had ONE best friend.

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Let’s Taco ‘Bout It!

A popular dish from La Macro in Houston. Photo borrowed from Facebook https://www.facebook.com/la.macro

A popular dish from La Macro, a restaurant in Houston, Texas.
Photo taken from Facebook https://www.facebook.com/la.macro

Taco. What does the word “taco” mean? I break down what a taco is technically. This is not a listing of favorite taquerias or an entry with recipes to make great tacos. This is a little scenic route through the land of language. So, take this overly analytical journey with me if only just to show you how my brain works. Even if it is just discussing one word–a delicious word, I might add–I always tend to overdo the discussion.

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My 2013 Flu

I am just now getting over a bout with the flu, something that I do not recommend to anyone or even wish on my worst enemy. After missing a week of work, my health is improving, but my head is still making me feel like a zombie plus this cough & congestion is taking forever to leave. I write my experience for personal archival purposes. I couldn’t find anyone’s experiences of going through the flu.

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