Bucket List 2010

yellowbucket from http://media.photobucket.com/image/bucket/sio398/yellowbucket.png?o=1

“What’s on your bucket list?” asked a close friend of mine during lunch one day.

I must have had a confused gleam in my eye because, after about three seconds, she clarified. “Name three things you want to accomplish before you die… or by the end of 2010! A bucket list is supposed to be items to do before you die, but we are young so let’s not wait until we’re old to accomplish those things. So… what are three things you want to do by the end of 2010?”

I needed some time to think about it.

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Let it Begin

Public domain image of first man on the moon

One night when I was in my early 30s and struggling with the fact that I didn’t know what to do with my life, I called my sister the engineer. I tearfully whined to her that, even as a grown man, I had yet to discover what career path to follow.

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