The Sum of its Parts

New map of San Antonio (from

In an effort to understand where I am going, I must continue to explore my past. So every so often I will ramble, rant, and rave about my upbringing. Some of these are normally topics of conversation I have with friends and family. But I document them here so that I might re-read them on those rainy days and sleepless nights.

My growing up in San Antonio, Texas, gave me access to a good public school education, in my humble opinion. I was in the Gifted and Talented program, I was in the National Honor Society, but somehow I lacked the knowledge of something that I hold dear to my heart today.  It wasn’t until college that I realized how much I did not know about Mexican American people like me.

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The Past and Future Dance

Guadalupe Dance Company & San Antonio Symphony perform Fiest Pops at the Guadalupe Theater

I’ve been dancing Mexican Folklórico since the age of 20. Yes, I started late. Most people I speak to mention starting when they are eight or nine… and some even younger! Mine was a rocky love affair when I started dancing the traditional style of dance from Mexico.

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